• Sarah Irvine

Vitamin Sea for Stress

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good after going to the beach? Even though I hate sand with a passion, it doesn’t stop me from being draw there as I always leave feeling energised and refreshed.

So why is it?

Firstly, and probably most importantly is the balance of positive and negative ions.

We are now living in a technological world, there are devices in every room of the house and even when we’re out and about we a carrying them on us as well. These electronic devices create and give off positive ions, atoms with less electrons, which our body can readily absorb. Once in the body they don’t have a positive effect. Research has linked excessive positive ions to stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, poor immunity and lung conditions.

On the other hand, negative ions, atoms with extra electrons, have great benefits for the body. The natural world is typically abundant in negative ions when not polluted by humans. These negative ions bind to positive molecules and help remove them from the environment as well as within the body. When the body has a more negative charge, balance is restored and illness is reduced, including stress and anxiety.

Again, what does this have to do with the sea?

As I mentioned, the natural environment is typically abundant in negative ions, the beach being one of the best sources. Simply walking along the beach, having direct skin contact with the sand, breathing in the fresh sea air, all increase your exposure to negative ions which will counterbalance the positive ions we are constantly bombarded with.

When you gaze out at the waves rolling in, you may not be aware, but the colour of the water also has a great effect on calming the body. In colour therapy, blue is associated with calming, healing, inner peace and love, while the aqua/turquoise colour is aligned with the flow of energy and balance between the body (green) and the mind (blue).

Now close your eyes and listen to the waves lapping at the shore line. Scientists have found that the sound waves produced by calm waves have a positive impact on our own brain waves. Resulting in calm, relaxed feelings, improved ability to think and problem solve and better quality of sleep.

Add in a run, walk or swim and which get the blood flow going and endorphins released and you’ll have a well balanced mind, body and soul.

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