• Sarah Irvine

Here we go!

Let me start off with introducing myself.

Hi, I'm Sarah. I grew up in Bordertown, a small country town in the limestone coast of South Australia. I loved my childhood and teenage years in Bordertown, a lifestyle of lots of sport, great community and a freedom that you don't get in cities. I then moved to Adelaide to be with my now husband and to study natural medicine. Once our studies were completed and we were married, we moved to America for a year and then back to Melbourne where we started our family. Now living in Adelaide again, I'm juggling life as a mum, wife, sister and daughter along with beginning this blog and small business.

My interest in natural wellness began as a teenager after receiving reflexology treatment for a sports injury. My interest grew into a desire to learn more and ultimately led to me completing a diploma in Naturopathy. Over the years, I have worked in clinic, retail and wholesale. It was while on maternity leave that I was re-introduce to essential oils and the power of aromatherapy. Now as a stay at home mother, I enjoy keeping my family and friends healthy and educating others how to do the same.

As this blog grows I aim to bring you information on how to improve your lifestyle, health, emotional well being and to reduce your impact on the environment. Please let me know if there is a topic you would like me to cover. Any feedback (including constructive) is more than welcome.

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